Natural Systems

Granite ecosystems and natural wonders are the basis for the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area.

Fields, forests, wetlands and streams are host to a diversity of trees, shrubs, mosses, lichens and flowers. Some of these are only found in the Heritage Area. Pools of water explode with color on the granite outcrops creating a fireworks display of nature.

The starting points for most nature explorations in the Heritage Area are at Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve or at Panola Mountain State Park.  Both offer guided hikes and the opportunity for passive and active recreation.

Dramatic Diamorpha

Local monadnocks are rolling out the red carpet for you in April. Once each year a rare plant, diamorpha smallii, turns an eye-catching red before donning pure, white flowers. Although it is only a couple  inches tall, this show stopping plant blankets the mountain pools at Arabia and Panola with crimson. The diamorpha will peak […]

New Home Needed; Shallow Pit Preferred

Finding a new home for an endangered plant species isn’t easy. Especially when that tiny plant prefers to live in a cozy pool on a granite monadnock. In early December, Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve began an excavation to create new granite pool habitats for two critically imperiled plant species: the federally threatened pool sprite (Amphianthus […]

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