Discover a Cornerstone

of Historic Lithonia.

Hub For An Industry

Lithonia was a hub for an industry that literally built American monuments. As the town prospered on its rock-solid foundation, it also became part of broader social movements sweeping the country. The Lithonia Woman’s Club, founded in 1924, gave white women the ability to impact their community at a time when they were excluded from elected government and business; the club also housed DeKalb County’s first public library. 

Historic Gateway

Right next to the Lithonia Woman’s Club is the Ruth Carroll Dally Johnson Interpretive Garden, which serves as the historic gateway to the National Heritage Area. Walk through this small greenspace – located at 2564 Wiggins Street – and discover the story of a town that rose from stone, the women who moved the community forward, and the leaders who fought for Civil Rights. 

Discover the city

that grew on a rock-solid foundation.

City of Lithonia