The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is filled with dozens of rare and vibrant species, including some plant species found almost nowhere else on earth. 

Discover Dramatic Diamorpha

Local monadnocks are rolling out the red carpet for you in April. Once each year a rare plant, diamorpha smallii, turns an eye-catching red before donning pure, white flowers. Although it is only a couple inches tall, this show-stopping plant blankets the mountain pools at Arabia with crimson. If you trek to the top of Panola Mountain you’ll be treated to isolated pools in a sea of green lichens and moss.

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Come Birding in the NHA

Whether at your own leisure or joining Ranger Ryan on a guided bird walk for beginners, the AMNHA provides many bird watching opportunities. For example, Ranger Ryan’s guided bird walk, a 2 hour hike, will take you on a variety of trails through varied habitat. We will focus on Metro Atlanta’s 10 most common species while discussing ecology, behavior and adaptations of the birds we see. 

Download the Atlanta Audubon Society’s Checklist of the Birds of Atlanta.

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