Planning a trip to the National Heritage Area?

We’ve got some ideas to get you started.

We want to note that the NHA has been very crowded on weekends during the pandemic. If you can, we recommend visiting during the weekend, and parking at lots aside from the most crowded ones (the lots at 4158 and 3787 Klondike Road have consistently reached capacity on weekends). For a full list of the best places to park, click here. And wherever you go, remember to leave no trace – take only photos, and stay on the trail!

Also please note that, due to some continuing pandemic restrictions, not all NHA sites and events are open again. Please check when you are making your plans. 

If you have an hour:

  • Plan a hike up Arabia Mountain.
  • Take a tour of the AWARE wildlife rehabilitation facilities.
  • Stroll through the soft trails at Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve or along the PATH trail.

If you have an afternoon:

  • Bike the PATH trail from Lithonia to Panola Mountain. About 24 miles roundtrip. It’s a challenge! Maps available here.
  • Head over to Lyon Farm for a self-guided tour of DeKalb’s only extant plantation home and learn more about the history of the enslaved Lyons family.
  • Visit the Monastery of the Holy Spirit and the Monastic Heritage Center.
  • Take advantage of one of Panola Mountain’s guided hikes, including afternoon, half-day and moonlight options.

If you have a weekend:

  • Schedule a retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Click here for their most recent calendar. All faiths welcome.
  • Contact Panola Mountain State Park to spend a night in a tree!