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that became the foundation for a historic community.

Unassuming Homestead

This unassuming homestead was the home of one of the historic Flat Rock community’s leaders: T. A. Bryant, Sr. Built in 1917, this house and the surrounding homestead (including a barn and various other outbuildings) are a central part of the history of Flat Rock. Following the Civil War, many African-Americans fled the South in search of better lives in the North – but not all. In Flat Rock, T. A. Bryant, Sr. and other leaders wanted to keep the community together. Bryant, Sr. was pivotal in this effort; he bought the land on which the Bryant Homestead now sits and distributed parcels to other families. Land ownership gave people a stake in the South, allowing African-Americans to build a community in rural Georgia during the time of Jim Crow.

Preserving History

Today, the T. A. Bryant House and Homestead are a critical part of the history of Flat Rock. The House is home to the Flat Rock Archives, which works to preserve and promote the history of Flat Rock. You can visit the homestead on a tour of the Flat Rock Community, which also includes visits to significant sites such as Lyon House and the Flat Rock Slave Cemetery.

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