Miles of Trails. Endless Adventure.

Pedal the Path in the NHA – Bike Challenge 2023 is officially over. Thank you for joining us!

Want to bike the best trails in the National Heritage Area? Head south!

Some of our most scenic bike trails run through the southern leg of the Arabia Mountain PATH system. Hop on at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit (2625 Hwy 212 SW), the Lorraine Trailhead (3465 Hwy 138), or the DeCastro Trailhead to escape the crowds and enjoy the forests and waterways of the NHA.

Over 33 Miles of Bike Trails

Over 33 miles of bike trails run through the National Heritage Area, from historic downtown Lithonia all the way to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Hop on the trail and ride to your heart’s content! Enjoy dramatic scenery, rolling hills, steep climbs and peaceful vistas as you pedal throughout this nationally significant landscape.

Want even more options? Bike racks are located throughout the area so you can secure your ride and expand your adventure. Hike over a dozen soft nature trails, explore granite outcrops, or enjoy a relaxing picnic.

There are plenty of spots to hop on the trail and explore. Find out more abut the PATH trail to get started!