Leave No Trace at Arabia Mountain

DeKalb County Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs and the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance have launched a “Leave No Trace” campaign to urge visitors to the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve to help conserve the nature preserve, located at 3787 Klondike Rd., Stonecrest, GA 30038. All patrons are welcome to take only pictures and to “Leave No Trace” during trips to the nature preserve by treading lightly and staying on the bare granite as they walk.

Arabia Mountain is home to fragile ecosystems and species found almost nowhere else on earth, including a variety of rare and endangered plants. These plants live in the solution pits (small patches of sand, dirt, and muddy water) that dot the seemingly barren rock face. At various times of year, the plants that live in the solution pits bloom, covering the mountain with beautiful life. That includes the vibrant red diamorpha, which explodes into color in the spring, and the yellow daisies that have blanketed the trails this fall. In order to sustain the natural beauty of our ecosystem and wildlife, visitors must adhere to all guidelines of the preserve.

It is imperative to not disturb puddles, sandpits, rock piles or any other part of the rock face. The wild species live in these innocuous patches and puddles found on the rock outcrop. As visitors hike on the rock outcrop, they are asked to “stay on the gray,” meaning staying on the bare rock whenever possible. Stepping in solution pits can damage the fragile ecosystem and hurt the rare plants that depend on that thin layer of soil to survive. Staying on the gray will help prevent endangering the natural habitat. Watch this video from Ranger Robby to learn how: 

To stay connected and to learn more about the “Leave No Trace” campaign please visit www.dekalbcountyga.gov/parks/leave-no-trace-campaign.