Commercial Film and Photography Permits and Permissions

Commercial film and photography permits and permissions in the National Heritage Area [NHA] are handled differently depending on where you are planning to work. 

No matter where you are working, we ask you to:

Agree to abide by all laws, rules, and regulations set forth in the State of Georgia as they pertain to any property in the NHA as well as the laws, rules, and regulations of any city or county in which you are filming.

Honor the request of the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance to practice the ethic of Leave No Trace to minimize our ecological impact. 

  1. Dispose of waste properly off-site  
  2. Leave any natural or cultural items you find 
  3. Respect wildlife  
  4. Be considerate of other visitors  

        Acknowledge you are working in a nationally recognized heritage area and ensure all personnel working in this location under your supervision will be respectful of the land, culture, and history. 

        Below is a list of commonly photographed and filmed sites* in the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area and the contact for permitting or permission:

        Arabia Mountain at Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve: Robby Astrove, Park Manager

        Vaughters’ Barn & Farm House: Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance,, 404-998-8384

        Panola Mountain State Park: Visit: Film and Photography in Georgia State Parks, (770) 389-7801

        AWARE Wildlife Center: Scott Lange, Executive Director,

        Flat Rock Archives:, 470-940-7964 

        Lithonia Woman’s Club: Dawn Massey,

        City of Stonecrest: Visit – City of Stonecrest film permit

        City of Lithonia: Visit – City of Lithonia Film App

        *If the location you are interested in does not appear on this list, please contact the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance program manager at:, 404-998-8384 ext. 6