A National Natural Landmark

A pristine, untouched monadnock ecosystem filled with beautiful and rare plant species, Panola Mountain is one of the natural wonders of the National Heritage Area.

Pristine Monadnock Ecosystem

Panola Mountain is a wonder to explore. Carefully protected by park rangers, this mountain is one of the few granite outcrops in the Southeast United States left unquarried and in its original condition. Here you can find beautiful and rare plants such as diamorpha and granite stonecrop living in the harsh conditions of the rock outcrop. In fact, Panola Mountain is a National Natural Landmark, a recognition of its rarity and ecological significance. 

Protected Status

Because of its protected status, you can only hike on Panola Mountain itself on a hike led by park rangers or trained guides. You can sign up for a hike by calling the park Nature Center ((770) 389-7801) or by heading over to our events page. Happy hiking!

Panola Mountain State Park

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