Peace and Contemplation

The Abbey Church is a centerpiece of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, an architectural beauty where all are welcome.

Built by Hand

Described as “Georgia’s most remarkable concrete building,” the Abbey Church was built by hand by the monks of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Visitors are welcome to enter the building, participate in a service, or just admire the historically significant architecture and atmosphere of peace and calm. 

The Central Part

The Abbey Church took the first monks 15 years to build by hand, while they lived in a nearby barn. Today, the Church is a central part of the Monastery, which also includes one of the largest privately-owned greenspaces in the metro-Atlanta area. You can visit the Monastic Heritage Center to learn more about the monks’ lives and history.

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit

is the top destination in Rockdale County.

Visit the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.