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New Year, New You in the NHA

We all make plenty of resolutions at the beginning of the year — to exercise more, to eat better, to spend time outside, etc. If you made resolutions to be more active, to learn more about local history, or just to get out in the Arabia Mountain NHA, we are here to help! Keep reading […]

Best Friends on the Trail

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting photos of pets on the trail. Now, you can see all of them in our slideshow! Where do you take your pet? Leashed pets are welcome in much of the National Heritage Area. Do you have photos of your pets in the AMNHA? Send them our way! […]

Holiday Shopping in Your National Heritage Area

Make your loved ones feel extra special this holiday season with thoughtful gifts found nowhere else on earth! You can even relieve some holiday stress with a quick hike along the AMP between stops. Take a peek at our full shopping guide below to find out how you can fit a kayak in a stocking, where you can adopt an owl, and how to get monks to take care of your holiday baking.

Bring the Family to the NHA

With family and friends visiting from out of town, the holiday season is the perfect time to bring people to the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. Here’s a list of fun sites and cool spots to check out as the holidays get going:  1. Go for a hike at Arabia Mountain! Walk off some of […]

Hike with Love

The rare and beautiful landscapes in the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area contain some species found almost nowhere else on earth – plants that thrive in the extreme environments of the granite outcrop. These plants have evolved to survive the baking heat of summer and the parched conditions of the thin soil and exposed stone, […]

What’s a National Natural Landmark?

Southeast of Arabia Mountain, the National Heritage Area’s other, slightly younger monadnock rises – Panola Mountain. This mountain formed 300 million years ago and today is a major part of this nationally significant landscape. In fact, Panola Mountain is considered a National Natural Landmark.  So what’s a National Natural Landmark, and why is Panola Mountain […]

Preservation in Progress: Update on the Lyon Farm

Located in once-rural DeKalb County, the Lyon Farm stands today as a reminder of the area’s history and a glimpse into the agricultural lifestyle that once dominated the county. It also is key to the history of Flat Rock, one of the oldest African-American communities in Georgia: people were enslaved at the site prior to […]

Spiderling Watch!

We’re excited to be starting a new tradition here: Spiderling Watch. A female Black & Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope sp.) has made her home at our back door for the past few months, laying multiple large egg sacs. These sacs are filled with thousands of baby spiders (“spiderlings”) which will grow throughout the winter and […]

Look Closer: Hidden Life at Arabia Mountain

Throughout the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, there’s hidden life all around your feet. Listen to Ranger Robby Astrove break down how to hike and protect the rare plants of the AMNHA! We have a variety of beautiful plants found almost nowhere else on earth living on Panola Mountain, which is a designated National Natural […]

Discover the Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Forming the southeastern corner of the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a Cistercian monastery where monks live in peace and contemplation. (Take note – you can tour the Monastery with one of the monks themselves on one of our Highlights & Insights Tours!) Get a taste of this […]