Healthy By Nature

AMPYour energy levels, ability to focus, and mood have all been shown to improve when you move your workout outside. Outdoor exercise even increases your chances of sticking with your fitness goals. 

According to a report published in Environmental Science and Technology, exercising outside also creates greater feelings of revitalization, energy, and positive thinking than does working out indoors. The New York Times reports that exercising outdoors can also lead to more calories being burned than gym workouts, so you maximize your workout time if you head to a green space.

Ready to head outside for a healthy break? Visit the locations below to find the perfect fit for your fitness level and goals!


Arabia Mountain PATH: This 30+ mile paved trail has 16 parking lots to choose from, so you can pick your perfect workout spot and adjust the length of your route. You can also change starting locations for a quick refresh to your routine. This trail follows the hills and curves of the terrain while taking you by some of our most breathtaking landmarks. Remember that joggers, walkers, and cyclists are all welcome to share the AMP. If you would like to give cycling a try, rent a bike from Panola Mountain State Park.

Nature Trails: Panola Mountain State Park offers visitors 2 miles of relatively flat nature trails. They can both be accessed from the park’s Nature Center, and you can buy an energy-filled snack at the gift shop after your workout. If you would like to walk farther, visit the Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve and explore about 8 miles of trails. Many of them connect, so you can choose a new adventure each time you visit. 

Mountain Climbing: At just under 1,000 feet, Arabia Mountain can present a challenging place to step up your workout! To add to your routine, park at the Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Center and jog half a mile to the start of the Mountain Top trail.

Something New: You can rent paddle boards and kayaks from Panola Mountain State Park for a fresh take on fitness!
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