Here are some of the most common questions we get in the Heritage Area. Are you curious about something or didn’t find something on the website. Let us know by clicking here and we’ll try to find you an answer.

Why is it called Arabia Mountain?

No one really knows. Some speculate that the mountain was called Arabia by quarry workers who felt the rock was “hot as Arabia”. Do you have a theory? Let us know through our contact page.

What is that red stuff growing in the water?

The pooled water on both Arabia & Panola Mountains are dynamic ecosystems that support rare plant life. The red budded plants are called diamorpha and they are only found on granite outcrops. Imagine how hardy a plant must be to grow on rock! To protect all of the plants, avoid stepping in the pools of water. For more information about diamorpha and other plants indigenous to granite outcrops click here.


How can I hike Panola Mountain?

Panloa Mountain State Park is a conservation area. To protect fragile plants, only guided hikes are available. To find a hike, check out our calendar here or Panola’s website.