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Our Picks for Summer Fun in the AMNHA

Nothing says summertime more than climbing a tree, riding a bike, or just exploring in the woods. We’ve picked out a few outdoor adventures for you and your family to enjoy. We hope you find a favorite to enjoy again and again!

Monastery of the Holy Spirit Architectural Tours

Every third Saturday through October!
Enjoy lively discussions about the design and construction process of the historic Abbey Church. If you have an interest in architecture, art, history, landscaping, and stained glass design, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit Architectural Tours will amaze and astound you.

The Lost World of Arabia Mountain

Monks, an animal ER, and 400 million years of history
Though Arabia Mountain looks more like the moon than a mountain, it is rich with plant life, including five endangered plants. The red bulbs of diamorpha bloom brilliantly once a year. Shallow water pools are ideal for pool sprite. In the preserve, salamander eggs can be seen during a hike.

Tips for Taking your Dog to the Park

Story by By Audra Gerger for E Metro News Now that it is a new year, you might be thinking of exercising. Walking is a great form of exercise and having a companion helps you to stick to your walking routine. That companion can easily be your dog! After all, he probably likes the car […]

Small AMP Section Closed

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources began lowering both lakes at Panola Mountain State Park in January to perform inspections of 50-year-old earthen dams. The Upper Lake is expected to be re-filled once repairs can ensure the safety of the dam. Plans for the Lower Lake are contingent on assessment results, according to state park officials. The section of the Arabia Mountain PATH (AMP) that runs over the dam will be closed until the repairs are finished.

Hidden Fun

We’ve got the perfect way to keep kids busy and entertained, even if they are finishing off sugary holiday treats. Get them out in the fresh air with this new Winter Scavenger Hunt. They’ll learn how the world adapts in winter and see plants that only appear for a few months of the year!

Warm Winter Wonders

Put away your mittens and hang up your coat; the warm weather seems here to stay. The next few weeks are expected to remain in the mid-50s, so we’ve created a Top Five List of ways you can take advantage of our warm winter wonderland.

Atlanta Trail’s Top 10 Fall Hikes

Our favorite fall hikes near Atlanta find autumn’s beauty on scenic mountain summits, shady river valleys and through vibrant, leaf covered forest.

Winter Wonderland

Getting holiday cabin fever? Escape the stuffy indoors with a family hike! Winter break is the perfect time for visiting relatives to see a different side of local trails. We’ve gathered our top five exploration activities that are sure to inspire a year-round love of hiking. If you haven’t hiked with young kids before, make […]

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