Shady Strolls in the AMNHA

The hottest days of summer are headed our way. At the AMNHA, we don’t like to let the heat keep us inside – and we’re sure you feel the same! You can get outside and avoid the heat one some of our more shaded trails. Here are a few options for shady hiking across the National Heritage Area:

A view of the creek from Laurel Creek Trail.

  1. Laurel Creek Trail at Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

Want to discover one of the Nature Preserve’s hidden gems? Beginning off of a quiet stretch of the paved Arabia Mountain PATH, the Laurel Creek Trail runs 1.8 miles through hills and creekside woodlands. Get a taste of North Georgia mountains as the temperature drops beneath the shade of the trees and mountain laurel grows near the creek. Begin your journey from the Murphey Candler School parking lot (weekends only) or the Nature Center at 3787 Klondike Road. Map here. 

A stretch of the Rock Outcrop Trail, leading from the outcrop back into the forest. Credit: Gail Johnson.

  1. Rock Outcrop Trail at Panola Mountain State Park

Ironically enough, most of the Rock Outcrop Trail at Panola Mountain State Park is a shady stroll through the park’s beautiful forests. Begin your hike at the Nature Center (2620 Highway 155 SW) before meandering through the forest to the rock outcrop. Once you’re on the boardwalk (and back in the heat for a moment) you can see Panola Mountain, a National Natural Landmark, rising just to the north. Make sure to enjoy the view before stepping back into the cool forest! Map here.

View from near the South River Trail, part of the Arabia Mountain PATH system.

  1. The South River Trail (part of the Arabia Mountain PATH), beginning at Panola Shoals

Start your riverside adventure at the Panola Shoals Trailhead (right by the intersection of Snapfinger and Panola Roads) to enjoy a shady stroll along one of the AMNHA’s beautiful waterways. The South River runs from the western corner of the National Heritage Area and through the center of the NHA’s southern boundary, including part of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. You can follow the paved PATH trail along most of the river. As you walk, make sure to stop and enjoy the water flowing right alongside you. Map here.

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