The sucata tortoise was hit by a car and had a cracked shell. It was rehabilitated at AWARE and released

AWARE, or the Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort, has been operating at the base of Arabia Mountain since 2006.  The nonprofit rescues sick or injured wild animals, rehabilitates them at their facility and returns them to the wild.  Many of those that can’t be released stay at AWARE and become ambassador animals, helping the volunteers to teach visitors and school groups how to protect and respect wildlife.

The facility took in more than 1600 animals in 2011 and fielded approximately 10,000 phone calls about wildlife.

AWARE is open to the public for tours and programs every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. AWARE can also come to you!  Find out more about their outreach programs here.

“Edgar Allen Crow” is one of AWARE’s ambassador animals.