Happy hiking! Here’s the rules of the rock:


Welcome to Arabia Mountain! This massive granite outcrop (called a “monadnock”) is a national treasure home to plant species found almost nowhere else on earth. 

Here’s how you can hike and enjoy the mountain while protecting this rich natural legacy:

The biggest thing you can do – and the easiest – is to avoid stepping in any puddles, pits and sandy patches. Plant life thrives in the most unlikely of places, including innocuous patches of sand and small puddles that dot the rock face. 

Where can you walk? There are plenty of spots outside of the solution pits, along the bare rock. Stick to the naked rock outcrop and you will be able to enjoy the mountain while protecting the wild things that live here! The solution pits will explode with vibrant life at various points of year and appear dry and vacant during others.

Keep an eye on the puddles. It’s not just sandy patches – puddles of water are where federally endangered species live. No matter how tempting, make sure to keep feet (and dogs!) out of the puddles. Stick to the bare rock.

As you hike, sticking to the bare rock and keeping dogs leashed are the best ways to protect this landscape for the future! This makes sure that the plants thrive, the mountain stays beautiful and we can all enjoy this powerful landscape.

For more information, check out this video from Ranger Robby:

Happy hiking! Leave no trace and enjoy the trails.
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