Why Stone Mountain Isn’t Just A Mountain And Why Coyotes Are Changemakers

By Virginia Prescott, Grant Blankenship and Sophia Saliby for Georgia Public Broadcasting News

GPB’s Wild Georgia serieswraps up Monday.  Our journalists have been out hiking, climbing, boating — and reporting.  They’ve been bringing you stories about the natural beauty of the state.

Two of them stopped by On Second Thought to expand upon their findings.  Grant Blankenship explained the results of the biggest study ever of Southern coyotes.  He learned the animals have changed since migrating South, and they’re changing the food chain here also. Sophia Saliby hiked three mountains for her story and learned why they’re not just mountains.  They’re monadnocks.

Listen to the story here

Link: https://www.gpbnews.org/post/why-stone-mountain-isn-t-just-mountain-and-why-coyotes-are-changemakers