New kiosks guide visitors at Arabia Mountain

Visitors to Arabia Mountain will soon have six information kiosks to guide them through the offerings of the 2,600-acre Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. 

On June 6, officials, friends and supporters of the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance Inc. unveiled the first of two kiosks installed at the Arabia Nature Center on Klondike Road and at the base of the 400-acre Arabia Park farther down Klondike Road.

The signage at the kiosks welcomes guests to the heritage area and provides information on its features.

Marvin Billups, DeKalb’s deputy director of parks, said that he was introduced to the concept of a heritage area by Kelly Jordan about 11 years ago.

He said the signage will help build awareness.“You are here, but if you don’t know the history of where you are and what happened in these spaces, it’s just that you went out in the woods and you went along the trails. But if you go along the trails now, you can understand why they are so significant to this geographical area of the county. And for that we do appreciate having that partnership with you.”