Four Sassy Georgia Sleepovers

The camel’s whiskers tickled my cheek, searching for an opening to enjoy some of my morning coffee. Waking up with camels is all part of the plan at the North Georgia Zoo.Overnight campers set up tents or campers next to the camels for sleepovers at the zoo, protected by the Great Pyrenees dogs that roam the perimeter of the property at night. The evening’s entertainment is a flashlight walk through the empty zoo and some up-close animal encounters. Howling with the wolves is optional.

If you’re looking for something a little different than your standard hotel room, why not try one of these overnight adventures in Georgia?

Sleep in a Tree: It’s not just for the birds anymore. At Panola Mountain State Park,climb a tree and spend the night viewing the stars through the canopy. Your bed is a hammock high in the treetop. Hopefully you won’t need to go to the bathroom until morning.

Tree Climbing with Field Trips with Sue in Panola Mountain State Park


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