Beat the heat and get outdoors with some assistance from the Arabia Alliance

RunrunAhh, summer in Atlanta. The birds are chirping, the grass is green, and all of the squirrels are feasting on the produce from our tiny backyard gardens. It’s time to make a choice: stay indoors and bask in the glory of our A/C systems, or get outside and get some exercise in spite of the sweltering heat and humidity.

That’s what we thought. But listen, braving the heat can be full of great rewards. And the Arabia Alliance has gone to great lengths (or should we say heights?) to come up with affordable, sometimes free, activities for us to partake in and enjoy to such an extent we almost forget how hot it is. You can peruse their full list of activities here, but here are some of our favorites.

Dog Obedience Courses
Multiple dates & times
Yeah, it’s the dog days of summer alright. And doesn’t man’s best friend deserve some outdoor time too? Help him brush up on his manners before you take him on family vacation with this 6-week training course.

Roaming with Ranger Robby
Multiple dates & times
In Atlanta, you haven’t truly hiked until you’ve hiked with Ranger Robby. This guy knows Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve like the back of his hand – and you can reap all the benefits of this knowledge by going on a guided hike with him. Soak in the glory of the flora and fauna – you’ll totally forget about that whole Fahrenheit thing, we promise.

Summer Campfire Series
Multiple dates & times
Is your idea of camping checking in at a Holiday Inn? The good Rangers of Panola Mountain will be there to coach you through real camping every Friday night this summer. Learn everything from fire building and safety, storytelling, cooking, and … our personal favorite… wait for it… how to assemble the perfect s’more.

Get Outdoors! Camp-in Movie
June 27, 6 p.m. – June 28, 11 a.m.
If you’re the kind of person who literally had to peel yourself off of the comfort of your couch and Netflix queue – there’s no better event for you. Gather up your camping supplies and get over to Panola where Rangers will be waiting to entertain you, feed you dessert, and offer up a bevy of camping tips.

South River Canoe Outing
July 25, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sure, the rest of the outdoors are hot as Hades, but the water is fine! Enjoy the scenic vistas of the South river between Panola Shoals and Klondike Road. You’ll see a truly stunning (and tranquil!) side of the city life that is truly a rarity these days. (Plus it’s a great workout for those guns.)

Laura Relyea is a writer in Atlanta, Georgia with an unwavering love for small press lit, glitter, and her dog, Wolfman Jack. Though she can’t claim to be a native Atlantan (being an army brat and all) she has lived here longer than any other place… so she’s officially considering herself an honorary Georgia Peach – despite her peach allergy and aversion to Waffle House. (It’s a long story.) you can read the original Scoutmob blog post here