Arabia Mountain in November

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If you visit Arabia Mountain, you need to pay attention.  If you hike there, try to look carefully at everything around you.  And it would be good also to maintain silence so you won’t disturb the wildlife.  We saw a flock of cedar waxwings feeding on…you guessed it, the cedar trees!  The diamorpha (the red stuff!) is growing in the sand pits on the mountain.  And as we walked along, we were pleased to see a flutter of a yellow butterfly.  It hovered over my head and almost landed on me.  I think that this butterfly is a cloudless sulfur. 

The cedar waxwings were very high in the trees but trust me, they were cedar waxwings, I promise! We heard the flutter of their wings before we saw them.  I have the photo below to show you what they look like.  Once you see one, you will never forget it.  They are magnificent birds.

There were a lot of people hiking on Arabia Mountain on Sunday but I wonder how many saw as much as we did? And even though this is about Arabia Mountain, I think my advice would also be fine for anyplace else in the world.  Shhh….be quiet and listen! You don’t want to scare anything off that you might want to see!