Almost Done! Join the Junior Ranger Scavenger Hunt Today

The Junior Ranger scavenger hunt wraps up on Sunday, May 2nd – but there’s still time to start and finish. Arabia Alliance staff will be in the office at 3350 Klondike Road from 10-3 on Saturday, or you can email with a picture of your completed scavenger hunt guide. Don’t have a guide yet? Don’t worry – you can print one by clicking on the photo below:

Click on this photo and print out the PDF of the scavenger hunt guide!

Most of the scavenger hunt is explained in the guide. If you have a few more questions, here are some FAQ:

  • Where should I park for check-in and check-out?
  • What happens at check-in?
    • You’ll pick up your Scavenger Hunt Guide and a prize pack if you were one of the first 50 to register.
  • What happens at check-out?
    • You’ll turn in your clues, receive your Junior Ranger Badge (and other goodies), and take the Junior Ranger Pledge.
  • Can I self-print the guide and just do check-out?
    • Yes!
  • What if I complete the challenge, but can’t get to check-out to take the pledge and get my badge?
    • Email us at We’ll figure out a way to get your badge to you.
  • Can I complete the Scavenger Hunt at my own pace over the next week?
    • You sure can. Take your time, but please complete by May 2nd.
  • How long will it take?
    • Plan on spending at least two hours adventuring through the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area while you answer clues.
  • How many miles will we walk?
    • About 3.5 miles total spread out over five locations.
  • Can I walk from one clue to the next?
    • You will need to drive to each location.
  • Where are the restrooms?
    • Restrooms are available at Vaughters’ Farm, the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, and the Monastery of the Holy Spirit (restrooms are located near the Abbey Church in the old bakery building).
  • Where can I have a picnic?
    • There’s a great picnic spot along the Vaughters’ Farm Meadow Loop trail (details are in the guide). There are also picnic tables by the Nature Center at the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve and a great lawn at the Monastery for a picnic (don’t forget your blanket).
  • Is it tick season yet?
    • Unfortunately, yes. We recommend using insect repellent; wearing closed-toed shoes with long socks; and staying on the trail, avoiding tall grasses.