Spiderling Watch!

We’re excited to be starting a new tradition here: Spiderling Watch.

A female Black & Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope sp.) has made her home at our back door for the past few months, laying multiple large egg sacs. These sacs are filled with thousands of baby spiders (“spiderlings”) which will grow throughout the winter and then hatch in the spring. Some of the spiderlings will stay nearby, while others will release a small amount of spiderweb and allow the wind to carry them away. (This process is called “ballooning.”) You can see the female spider at left and the egg sacs to the right – the sacs are each about the size of a pecan.

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Join us on the Spiderling Watch!

A female yellow garden spider (Argiope sp.). She has built her web at the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance office for the past several months.

The spider egg sacs. Each egg sac contains thousands of eggs, wrapped in a protective web of spidersilk. Each sac is about the size of a pecan.