#PreservethePark with Alexis Herring!

@Livinglifetheherringway is helping us get the word out about hiking at Arabia Mountain! Here’s what she had to say:

I love doing “firsts” with my family. Hiking up Arabia Mountain was a first for us and such an adventure. I learned a lot and here are some tips for any other family visiting for their first hike! #Sponsored

1. #PreserveThePark & #LeaveNoTrace. There are rare plant species and ecosystems living throughout the area, so stay on the bare granite!

2. Bring your pup! They will enjoy the exercise and be ready for a good night’s sleep when you get back home. Just make sure you have a leash, no matter the size of your dog!

3. Weekdays are the best days to visit! There’s a lot less traffic on the hike, which is great when taking the kids. It was so easy to keep track of Dominic and we didn’t have to worry about him being overwhelmed by a crowd! #AutismMom

I’m excited about our next hike! I can’t believe I grew up near here and never visited! @arabiamountain_nha

What is your most memorable “first” with your family?

The Herring family on Arabia Mountain. Photo: Alexis Herring.