Preserve the Park with Latinxhikers

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is home to some fragile and rare ecosystems found almost nowhere else!

As we continue exploring creative ways to conserve nature, we’ve partnered with @latinxhikers on our #PreservethePark campaign. Here’s what @outdoorhomie had to say about the NHA – check it out!

Adriana Garcia hiking at Arabia Mountain. Photo: @switchbackshawty/latinxhikers.

“Here in Atlanta, there is an outdoor space that us nature folks all know & love. It’s known for its interesting history and its large, wondrous granite outcroppings. You can ride your bike there or hike through wetlands or fish in the lake or watch the sunset atop the granite.

It’s a place that welcomes all.
It’s a personal favorite of mine as I’ve created many good memories there, like the time we held a Latinxhikers event there! We trekked up the mountain to watch the sunset and once we all started to freeze, we made our way down to enjoy Mexican hot chocolate & empanadas around the fire. It was such a good time connecting with nature & our community.

By now, you probably know that I’m talking about Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area in Stonecrest, GA. If you’ve been there, you know this place is very unique & unlike any other place. You also may or may not know that this area is filled with dozens of rare species of plants that are found almost nowhere else on earth. Yep, right here in little ole Georgia. We are lucky to have this special place that we can visit whenever we want. That is why we want to share ways that we can all do our part and help preserve the park so it stays around for a long time. Here are a few ways you can help out when visiting the park:

1. STAY ON THE GRAY! – when walking on the rock outcrop, make sure to stay on the bare granite and not stepping on any sand, puddles, or vegetation.
2. KEEP YOUR DOG LEASHED – it’s easier to keep your dog from drinking from the puddles and from stepping on the vegetation when it’s leashed.
3. LEAVE IT HOW YOU FOUND IT – exactly what it says. Don’t pick, remove, or damage vegetation, lichen, stone, etc.

These are simple rules to follow, amiright? Let’s do this together so we will all be able to continue making memories there for years to come. And to those that haven’t been there yet, plz check it out & let us know what you think!

1st & 2nd photo @switchbackshawty

Arabia Mtn is located on the ancestral land of the Muscogee people