Preserve the Park with @Freyalovee

preserve the park

We partnered with @freyalovee for our Preserve the Park campaign – here’s what she had to say about the NHA:

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” — Vincent van Gogh

In Arabia Mountain, rare and beautiful landscapes can be found along with species found almost only in this park alone – plants that thrive in extreme environments of the granite outcrop. These plants have evolved to survive in parched conditions of thin soil, exposed stone, and the baking heat of summer. These plants grow with vibrant life in unlikely places like the bare stone and puddles they live in. Diamorpha comes to life in brilliant shades of red in the spring to then bloom gorgeously white flowers, painting the stone landscape into something otherworldly. Visitors must take extreme care when hiking here to preserve these unique evolutionary plants. Remember to always stay on the bare rock, watch where you step, and leave no trace.

Photo credit: @krekovski/@freyalovee

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