Mountaintop Yoga at Monadnock Madness

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Mountaintop yoga is one of the main events of Monadnock Madness, our March-long outdoor extravaganza. This outdoor practice is meant for ALL skill levels. Mountaintop yoga will allow you to practice both fitness and mindfulness on top of Arabia Mountain – this year, at sunset! Mountaintop Yoga takes place on 3/29 at 6pm.

Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

For yoga instructor Sandra Bonkienė, interaction with nature is an important part of yoga. “The idea of having it is to connect with nature,” Sandra said, “so we can experience the elements like air and earth.” On the rock of Arabia Mountain, the class takes place in a very different setting than an indoor yoga studio. Conducting yoga outdoors allows for a more meditative and natural practice, as well as being a little more physically challenging. Sandra begins the class by having participants stand barefoot on the rock to immerse themselves in the present moment.

Yoga for All

This event draws people with a wide variety of yoga experience, and the class is geared to be welcoming for anyone interested. “This is an all-levels practice,” Sandra emphasizes. As well as stretching, the class revolves around basic techniques. “I want people to feel good – it’s for everyone.”

These photos are from Monadnock Madness 2019, when the mountaintop yoga session was held earlier in the day. This year, Mountaintop Yoga will occur at sunset, giving you an opportunity for otherworldly monadnock mindfulness. You can sign up for this year’s mountaintop yoga here!