Monadnock Madness and the Coronavirus

Due to the worsening outbreak of COVID-19 in the Atlanta area and nationwide, the Monadnock Madness Guided Triple Hikes have been suspended. Hikers can still celebrate Monadnock Madness with the “Hike As You Like” self-guided option, which allows participants to visit Arabia, Kennesaw, Panola, and Stone Mountains and receive a stamp and prize on their own schedule.

You can pick up your passport online and email for stamps once you have completed the hikes. People can also complete the Monadnock Madness Geocaching Challenge on their own. The parks are all remaining open as of this time.

It is important that hikers remember to practice social distancing and frequent handwashing to prevent the further spread of the outbreak!

This year’s Monadnock Madness passport. Participants get a passport stamp as they hike each mountain and earn a prize. More information available online at

Georgia’s monadnocks boast a variety of natural wonders, and Monadnock Madness gives participants plenty of opportunities to discover the natural resources hidden in Atlanta’s backyard. See rare plants such as diamorpha, vibrant vernal pools and landscapes unique to the American Southeast. While guided events have been canceled, visitors can still enjoy these beautiful landscapes by hiking on their own while practicing proper social distancing. More information at

“Although we are saddened to have to cancel the guided Monadnock Madness hikes, the safety of participants and staff is of the utmost importance. We strongly recommend following all protocols and guidelines from the CDC and other health organizations during this difficult time,” said Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance Executive Director Revonda Cosby. “We hope that people will still participate in this exciting challenge through the Hike As You Like option, which can give kids and adults the opportunity to get outside while maintaining social distance.”