Marvelous Monadnocks

Say it, See it, Save it

Arabia MountainIt’s kind of a funny word. Mo-nad-nock. Pronounced mə-NAD-nok, you can hear it at this link. It’s even kind of hard to say when you first try it but repeat it once or twice and you realize it has a certain rhythm.

Monadnocks are the inspiration and the centerpieces of the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. While we more commonly call both Arabia and Panola “mountains”, they are really a unique geologic feature called monadnocks.  How do you identify a monadnock? It’s an isolated stone hill, or outcropping that rises out of an otherwise flat plain.  For a more thorough explanation, this Wikipedia article has more details and views of monadnocks around the world.

The name for our newsletter, The Monadnock Monitor, is a reflection of not just the name of the features but also of the goal of the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance to promote, protect and preserve these geologic wonders.

Take a look at the pictures below of both Arabia and Panola “Monadnocks” and see how they compare to other monadnocks, including our bigger sister just to the north, Stone “Mountain.”