Georgia Pet Foundation’s License Plate Program Helps Georgia Animals

Proceeds from the $25 plate go to neuter/spay services and could help shelters in the National Heritage Area.

The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is a testament to the state’s rich natural and cultural heritage. At the heart of preserving this heritage is not only the conservation of our lands but also the well-being of our non-human inhabitants. And while our partners and friends at Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE) are great at helping and rehabbing animals, they’re not so much in the business of sheltering pets or providing spaying/neutering services. That’s where the Georgia Pet Foundation (GPF) steps in, with an innovative approach to support our furry friends. The Georgia Pet Foundation license plate program, which started in 2016, launched a redesigned plate back in March to help raise more funds. Their program offers a unique opportunity to contribute to a cause that touches the hearts of animal lovers and environmentalists alike.

Buy A Plate, Save A Life

The Georgia Pet Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the health and well-being of Georgia’s pet population. GPF specialty license plates directly support grants that provide free or low-cost spay/neuter services across Georgia. These services are essential not only for pet health but also in controlling the pet population, reducing the number of homeless animals across the state. “Georgia Pet Foundation was created for the sales of these tags to go to ‘Spay and Neuter’ of companion animals, dogs and cats,” said Executive Director Tricia Holder. “GPF is working with Fix Georgia Pets to help distribute these funds in grants to organizations all around Georgia.” Holder added that the new tag sales in DeKalb County alone have raised so far about $4,000. “Once it reaches $5,000 or more, we can give a grant to an organization in DeKalb or the Heritage Area,” she said.

Spaying and neutering are among the most effective methods to prevent pet overpopulation. These procedures can lead to longer, healthier lives for pets by reducing or eliminating the risk of certain cancers and other health problems. Spaying and neutering also helps decrease the number of animals that end up in jam-packed shelters, many of which risk euthanasia due to lack of homes. In 2023, nearly 20,000 pets in Georgia faced euthanasia.

How the License Plate Program Makes a Difference

Started 8 years ago, a portion of the proceeds of each GPF speciality license plate gets allocated to fund essential services, such as:

  • Free or low-cost spay/neuter services for pets of low-income families.
  • Spay/neuter services for homeless cats and dogs.
  • Public education initiatives to raise awareness about the benefits of spaying and neutering.

Each license plate also serves as its own rolling billboard, spreading awareness and encouraging others to join the effort. The redesigned plate has a Heritage Area connection too. It was created by famous local folk artist Kyle Brooks (aka BlackCatTips) who, like roughly 70,000 other residents, call the National Heritage Area home. Brooks is celebrated for his cheerful and charming artwork that’s been commissioned by big, brand-name companies like Coca-Cola and Google. In 2019, Brooks crossed over into children’s literature with his debut book “Smile A While,” combing his distinctive, playful artistic style with a simple but positive and poetic message of joy.

Popular Georgia artist Kyle Brooks designed the new GPF specialty license plate.

How You Can Help

Getting involved is easy and impactful:

  1. Purchase a License Plate: Visit the Georgia Pet Foundation website or DMV offices statewide to buy a speciality license plate.
  2. Volunteer: Both GPF and the Arabia Alliance thrive on the power of volunteers. Consider lending time and skills to support our events or educational programs.
  3. Spread the Word: Share information about the GPF license plate program with your friends, family, and colleagues. The more people participate, the greater the impact we can have on Georgia’s pets and their well-being.

Every specialty license plate purchased helps end the cycle of euthanasia and turn the tide toward a new era of pet wellness in our state. Become a part of a community dedicated to making Georgia a better place for all its inhabitants—human, furry, feathered, or otherwise.