COVID-19 and the AMNHA

The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to impact the country, including Metro-Atlanta. Schools and workplaces have closed, and the CDC is strongly urging social distancing, the practice of being at least six feet away from others, in order to prevent further spreading the coronavirus.

Being outside is a good way to step out of the house while also safely practicing social distancing and other public health safety measures. As always, adhere to the most current recommendations from the CDC as the situation evolves.

Here’s a breakdown of where you can get outside during this public health crisis, as well as which areas of the AMNHA are closed for the time being:

Please note that this list will be updated depending on developments within the AMNHA and in response to the guidance of the CDC and other public health officials. Wherever you are, make sure to practice social distancing and regular handwashing. Stay home if you are sick. 

Stay safe everybody!

The South River (seen here from the Panola Shoals Trailhead) segment of the Arabia Mountain PATH trail remains open during the outbreak.