Black History Month in the National Heritage Area

Join us for Black History Month

Black history is the history of the National Heritage Area. Stories of African-American communities – tales of resilience, ingenuity, and perseverance – play a central role in the ongoing history of this dynamic landscape.

During Black History Month, we’re going to amplify the stories that we tell year-round. These are stories of teachers and Civil Rights leaders, quarrymen and musicians, race car drivers, farmers, and baseball players that define the National Heritage Area. This history is quintessentially American and unique to the rolling hills of Georgia. We hope you’ll come with us as we celebrate Black History Month!

Ben Muckles, one of the stock car drivers at the Lithonia Speedway, after a win. Learn more about the Lithonia Speedway here.

In addition to highlighting blog posts and videos that are already up on our website- including a tour of the Flat Rock Historic Cemetery and about the historic Bruce Street School– we’ll be releasing new articles about local Civil Rights leaders, educators, and more; stay tuned! Want some background music? Listen to some of the musicians who played at the Lithonia Country Club during its heyday, including some of the greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Howlin’ Wolf. 

Lastly, while we can’t gather in person, you can still join the Flat Rock Archives and DeKalb History Center for a Black History Month celebration on Thursday, February 11th. Check it out – and get tickets – here.