Biking at Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area | Best Spots + Trails

There are over 34 miles of trails for biking at Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, stretching from historic downtown Lithonia all the way to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

The trails are an important part of the community and are well-designed to create a family-friendly environment for thousands of joggers, walkers, bikers, and skaters from all walks of life to escape the roads and hit the trails for travel and recreation.   

Here’s a map of some of the best, least crowded trailheads for biking (as well as walking, jogging, and more) in the NHA (click to enlarge): 

biking at arabia mountainThe addresses for the trailheads listed here are:

Stonecrest Library: 3123 Klondike Road
Polebridge Trailhead: 6262 Browns Mill Road
Lorraine Trailhead: 3465 Hwy 138 SE
Monastery of the Holy Spirit: 2625 Hwy 212 SW

Please note that these four trailheads are all free to park at!

In addition, don’t miss out on the PATH spur into Henry County, which connects at Panola Mountain State Park (2620 Hwy 155 SW).