A Sea of Yellow

The daisies were amazing!

We hope that you got outside to enjoy the beauty of Fall’s yellow daisies during Daisy Days. It was an incredible year for these beautiful yellow flowers. Check out our blog post to see some stunning photos and hikers on the trails. Stay tuned for more information on our spring hiking adventure Monadnock Madness where we’ll climb Stone, Arabia, and Panola Mountains in March. 

All About Daisies

Technically a sunflower species, the yellow daisies (Helianthus porteri) are native to the rock outcrops of the Southeastern United States, especially in the granite formations of the Georgia Piedmont region. The metro-Atlanta area has a high concentration of this sunflower species, which bloom on our massive granite mountains. While these rock outcrops seem barren, especially during the scorching summers, fall and winter see a profusion of wildflowers grow out of patches of thin soil called “solution pits.” Daisy Days is an opportunity to celebrate the botanical bounty growing on the rock outcrops (also called “monadnocks”) as autumn begins.