Hike the Meadow Loop at Vaughter’s Farm

Looking for a new hiking trail? The Vaughter’s Farm Meadow Loop is a 1.25-mile trail that begins behind the popular Vaughters Barn.

Not many people know that behind the barn, pleasant pathways run through meadow and woodland. This easy unpaved trail is perfect for a quick getaway and offers unbeatable views of Vaughter’s Farm, rolling hills, and grassy meadows. This landscape used to be pasture for Mr. Vaughters’ horses and cows, and today is managed as a wildlife habitat. 

The trail can be accessed from the trailhead at 3366 Klondike Road (near #3 on the Arabia Mountain PATH (AMP) map). After parking, use the crosswalk to reach the paved PATH trail.

Head towards Vaughter’s Farm and step off the paved trail. Go around the barn and look for a large wooden marker with an orange blaze. Follow the wooden posts around the meadow for a picturesque loop through the field. Step from DeKalb’s urban present into its historic past as you meander through an old cow pasture that is now filled with wildlife.