Ranger Devin Made My Hike Awesome

I thought I was just going to go to the yoga studio, like I do most Saturday mornings, but I got up too late to make my class. It was the day before Easter, with gorgeous early Spring blue skies. I decided to drive quite a distance from home, to the Arabia Mountain trail, that I had read about in a top 10 list. When I got there, I headed to the lake first. That was an unusual and nice trail. Back at the nature center, I overheard a ranger telling some kids how to get up to the mountain. He clarified directions for me, and eventually I ran into him on the trail. Ranger Devin was super friendly to everyone, greeting them with a “Thanks for coming to Arabia Mountain today” or niceties like that, good-naturedly teasing them for their college wear, checking on someone whose chin he had bandaged earlier. He really educated me on the geology and horticulture of the mountain, so much so that later, when a friend asked what the “red stuff” was on a Facebook photo I posted, I was able to tell her (and anyone else who read it) all about the life cycle of the mountain, from diamorpha (the red stuff) to worts in the solution pools to yellow flowers, trees, and eventually forestation. It would have been a lovely hike on my own, but it was so much better with a friendly and knowledgeable guide! Thanks Ranger Devin! Best wishes to you.