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Tens of thousands of people live, work and play in the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area.  Here they share some of their stories about what they find special about it.  Do you have an experience you’d like to share? Please submit your story here. And enjoy the stories others have shared.

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Ranger Devin Made My Hike Awesome

I thought I was just going to go to the yoga studio, like I do most Saturday mornings, but I got up too late to make my class. It was the day before Easter, with gorgeous early Spring blue skies. I decided to drive quite a distance from home, to the Arabia Mountain trail, that […]

Beauty At Arabia Mountain

My husband and I love Arabia Mountain, in all seasons and in all kinds of weather. The rock itself is beautiful in its own right, it can look so different depending on the time of day. We love the wildflowers and we always look forward to the Yellow Daisies in September. We were not able […]

New Cyclist had a Blast!

I recently bought a bicycle and it was just in time to participate in the Atlanta Cycling Festival events that kicked off with a ride at Arabia Mountain. I brought a friend along and we both had a really good time riding the trails, taking in the scenery and listening to the tour guide give […]

Volunteering at Arabia Mountain

I enjoyed volunteering at the Nature Preserve. It made me realize my passion for nature was more than I expected. The staff was amazing and kind and it was a fun experience. I did everything from bike patrol to taking summer camps on hikes, and everything in between. I used to go to the nature […]

Thank you from Pack-6 Den-7 Cub Scouts of America

Three of our boys finished earning their last requirement for the Outdoorsman Pin and subsequently the Arrow of Light (Cub Scouting’s highest award) by coming on the Monadnock Madness Challenge, Sunday March 16th. It was the perfect outing for this occassion – and that it started off in a steady rain was all the better […]

Arabia Mountain Afternoon

I have been photographing at Arabia Mountain for many years now. I had a free afternoon yesterday and went to the mountain for an afternoon photo shoot. I almost didn’t make it to the top. It was so interesting and so beautiful that I kept stopping to photograph along the way. Even though I left […]

Winter At Arabia Mountain

I am a long time resident of Dekalb County and have always enjoyed the Davidson-Arabia Mountain area. During the last snowfall (2010 or 2011) I drove out to take in the scenery around the pastureland and barn. I managed to take three dozen photographs before the cold finally killed a weak battery. Please enjoy my […]

Love Arabia Mountain!

I trained at Arabia to climb Mount Whitney last year. I spend a lot of time here each week and discover something new every time. We made a video to encourage people to explore the area. Thanks for all you guys do to make this a wonderful place!